Ag. Ejector Scrapers

Dolly Wheel Scrapers

Ashland dolly wheel scrapers are a great solution for maintaining and improving your land. These earthmovers can be pulled with any standard ag hitch and carry their own loaded weight, make them a quick and simple earthmoving solution for on the farm.

950xl2 Cutout


9.5 yd3 capacity
100" overall width
140xl2 Lgp


14 yd3 capacity
114" overall width

140XL2 LGP

14 yd3 capacity
114" overall width


15.5 yd3 capacity
120" overall width


17.5 yd3 capacity
120" overall width

Direct Mount Scrapers

Experience improved performance with more traction and faster loading speeds of a Direct Mount Ashland Scraper. With a 25% - 75% weight transfer ratio, Ashland direct mount scrapers put just the right amount of weight on the back of the tractor to give you optimum flotation and traction for efficient earthmoving.

140ts2 Cc


14 yd3 capacity
110" overall width

140TS2 LGP

14 yd3 capacity
110" overall width


14 yd3 capacity
134" overall width
155ts2 Cc


15.5 yd3 capacity
120" overall width
1812 Cut Out 23


18.1 yd3 capacity
160.4" overall width

Direct Mount Vs.
Dolly Wheel

When it comes to choosing a dolly wheel or a direct mount scraper it all comes down to hook-up. The main advantage of a dolly wheel scraper is the ability to pull the machine with any standard ag hitch. This does provide some cost savings, but in turn, decreases performance. Beyond that, a direct mount scraper wins hands down. Using a direct mount, the additional weight transfer provides traction, is easier to fill, and has better flotation in soft ground conditions.