The 140XL2 is Ashland’s most robust mid-sized dolly wheeled ejector scraper. Whether you own an articulated 4WD or row crop tractor, this scraper offers you big performance at an excellent value. The 140XL2 is popular for farmers or small contractors creating waterways, new pond construction, or other earthmoving projects around the farm. The tiltable ejector rack provides spacious room for top loading with an excavator or wheel-loader if your project demands.

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140XL2 Overview

140xl2 Large Gate

Large Gate Opening

Whether you are top loading or self loading thick material like clay, the large gate opening of the 140XL2 provides the space you need for easy unloading and placement of material precisely where needed.

140xl2 Improved Socket

Improved Socket System

The 140XL2 is equipped with a precision ball and socket design that is adjustable for wear with a great range of motion. As with all Ashland Dolly Wheel Scrapers, the socket assembly is machined to provide better lubrication to the top of the ball for extended longevity.

140xl2 Reduced Duck Walking

Reduced Duck Walking

Achieve a smoother cut at a faster loading speed because of the long pole and low connection point of the ball and socket system. In order to stabilize the scraper while loading, the dolly wheel system of the 140XL2 is designed with the ball connection point in-line with the front axle. This design reduces the weight transfer off the rear wheels while loading so that you can limit duck walking.

140xl2 Viewing Window

Superior Visibility

The high placement of the front section main pipe provides a direct line of sight to the blade so that you can see how much you are cutting. Easily keep an eye on how much material you are loading into the 140XL2 with the large viewing window cut out of the front gate.

140xl2 Valve

Simple Operation

Using a high flow automatic sequencing valve allows you to control all the function of the 140XL2 using only 2 hydraulic remotes. Both the ejector and gate are controlled on one remote, while the other remote controls the cutting edge position.

140xl2 Sidewall

Shielded Sidewall

The arched sidewall profile of the 140XL2 keeps material contained within the bowl reducing spill over. Additionally, heavy duty steel shielding protects the hydraulic components from damage due to falling debris. This means that you will spend less time on machine maintenance and costly repairs.

140XL2 Video


Designed for customers who need greater flotation in soft conditions. The 23.5 x 25 OTR rear tires have a longer rolling radius to keep you moving when the going gets tough.

140xl2 Lgp
Gps Laser Adaptable Icon

GPS Laser Adaptable

Ashland Scrapers are GPS ready for the efficient excavation and placement of bulk material to meet your farm water management needs.

One Year Warranty Icon

One Year Warranty

Trusted to do more. Our rich history provides us the upmost confidence in protecting your earthmoving investment.

Dolly Wheel Icon

Dolly Wheel

Easily connect to any tractor with a standard Ag Hitch. No special drawbar required.

Top Load

Top Load

Tilt the back rack to create a larger target for easy top loading when the job requires.

Ce Certified

CE Certified

Built to the highest standard of quality and sustainability with CE Certification

140XL2 Specs


Heaped Capacity (ISO)

14 yd3

Recommended HP

250 lb

Width of Cut


Apron Clearance


Ejector Cylinder (1)

4.5" x 54"

Apron Cylinder (2)

4" x 13"

Lift Cylinder (2)

5" x 16"

Laser / GPS Bracket


Standard Tires Front (2)

445/50 x 22.5

Standard Tires Opt. Front (2)

550/45 x 22.5

Standard Tires Back (2)

18.4 x 26

Standard Tires Opt. Back (2)

20.5 x 25

LGP Edition Tires Front (2)

445/50 x 22.5

LGP Edition Tires Opt. Front (2)

550/45 x 22.5

LGP Edition Tires Back (2)

23.5 x 25

Overall Width


Overall Length


Overall Height


Weight (w/ std. bias tire)

14,000 lb

LGP Edition Weight (w/ std. bias tire)

16,008 lb

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