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Our History

The last 20 years has been a renaissance of sorts for Ashland Industries. The convergence of laser and GPS technologies in land leveling has brought about a surge in demand for Ashland scrapers and new water management regulations have steered farmers back into the one solution that can bring their land into compliance…the scraper.

Our motto is Do More. From maximizing the productive capabilities of our customers’, to providing uncompromising customer service; every strategy and tactic is first passed through that mantra. If it doesn’t allow the you to Do More, it’s not a priority. The customer is our north star and they are guiding us towards exciting new opportunities and products.



In the 1950's Ashland started to manufacture pull type Agriculture Earthmoving scrapers. Most of these machines were smaller scrapers and land planes.



Hydraulic ejection was developed in the early 70s and became known at Ashland as the I-Series.

Randy Rust Vintage


June 1st, 1998 Magnuson & Bernie Hnath passed their legacy down and sold to a new group of innovators. Randy Rust, Jack Martinsen, Hank Martinsen, and Carol Lindsey.



While new markets were being established, a fresh line of direct mount scrapers were being built. Ashland was soon recognized as the face of modern agriculture scrapers. Made with superior traction, for higher horsepower tractors, and 1/3 of the cost.

950 Pulled By Dozer


Ashland continued to listen to it's customers to improve on existing machines and releasing new products.

Carry All Scraper


Many of the scraper models received brand new paint schemes and new line of carry-all dump scrapers was released.



Ashland Industries and K-Tec Earthmovers Inc. merged to become the global leader in the pull pan earthmoving scraper market.

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Ashland manufactures earthmoving scrapers and accessories for the construction and ag industries. From invention to production, we provide careers to a wide variety of highly talented individuals in various fields. Together, we are a part of the Ashland family, working toward our vision of shaping our world for a better tomorrow.