When it’s time to get the job done right and get it done fast, look no further than the 155XL2. Able to be pulled with less horsepower than larger scrapers but still maximizing on capacity, this scraper is sure to make quick work of ditch clearing, water management, field prep and more. As a dolly wheeled unit, the 155XL2 doesn’t require a special scraper drawbar, making it a simple scraper to hook up to any tractor and get right to work.

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155XL2 Overview

155xl2 Push Bar

Rear Pushbar

A rear push bar extension is standard equipment on the Ashland 155XL2 scraper to keep you rolling in any condition. Built tough to handle push loading assistance from a small dozer or check out our oxblock pusher attachment to turn your existing Case Steiger into an earthmoving support tractor.

155xl2 Strong Front

Strong Front Section

The large 16″ front section pipe and oversized trailing arms put the strength where it is precisely needed. The various stresses of scraper operations, pulling, lifting, carrying, are distributed uniformly between the front pipe and trailing arms.   This is much better than competitive models that use square or rectangle tubing for their front sections. The stresses will concentrate on the corners of a square or rectangle tubing front sections.

155xl2 Floatation


The 155XL2 has taken floatation to a new level. The front dolly wheels come standard with 20.5 x 25 OTR wheels. However, most customers usually want superior floatation; the optional 23.5 x 25 OTR front tires upgrade keeps you going in harsh conditions.     . The standard 29.5 x 25 OTR rear tire keeps the rear of the scraper climbing up onto soft conditions. The long rolling radius of these tires makes climbing up steep slopes much easier with less power than competitive scrapers with smaller tires.

155xl2 Visibility

Superior Visibility

The large 16″ front section pipe is placed high to provide the operator with excellent visibility of the blade while loading from the tractor cab.   Large cut-outs have been placed on the ejector rack allowing you to see behind the scraper for increased safety while operating.   When scraping, the left-side front gate viewing window will enable you to observe the loaded material inside the scraper bowl.

155xl2 Strong Floor

Strong Floor

The five-piece blade system, oversized plow bolts, and dual plated floor design, stumps, tree roots and large rocks are no match for this scraper. This is especially beneficial when doing land clearing on new land.

155xl2 Dirt Shield

Debris Protection

The 155XL2 provides excellent protection from debris while operating the scraper. The lower portion of sidewalls on the 155XL2 clean and have no bulk frame members to collect debris and start to pile up. Thick steel dirt shields cover the front gate and ejector cylinders from damage from falling debris.

Gps Laser Adaptable Icon

GPS Laser Adaptable

Ashland Scrapers are GPS ready for the efficient excavation and placement of bulk material to meet your farm water management needs.

One Year Warranty Icon

One Year Warranty

Trusted to do more. Our rich history provides us the upmost confidence in protecting your earthmoving investment.

Dolly Wheel Icon

Dolly Wheel

Easily connect to any tractor with a standard Ag Hitch. No special drawbar required.

Top Load

Top Load

Tilt the back rack to create a larger target for easy top loading when the job requires.

Ce Certified

CE Certified

Built to the highest standard of quality and sustainability with CE Certification

155XL2 Specs


Heaped Capacity (ISO)

15.5 yd3

Recommended HP

250 - 620 hp

Width of Cut


Apron Clearance


Ejector Cylinder (1)

5" x 60"

Apron Cylinder (2)

4" x 13"

Lift Cylinder (2)

5" x 20"

Laser/GPS Bracket


Tires Std. Front

(2) 23.5 x 25

Tires Opt. Front

(2) 23.5 x 25

Tires Std. Rear

(2) 29.5 x 25

Overall Width


Overall Length


Overall Height


Weight (w/ Std. Tires)

21,650 lb

Weight (w/ Opt. Front Tires)

22,086 lb

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