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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my serial number?

You can find the serial number plate for most machines on the right side of the scraper in the top corner of the bowl. Disc Harrows and CS model scrapers will have plates on the front of the machine or on the horse-head. Simply type in your scraper Serial Number to verify the machine Model, Specialized Notes, and Parts Book.

What is the advantage of using a land leveler over a motor grader?

Construction contractors with existing tractors in their fleet can easily maintain haul roads and perform finish grading, slopes and crowning with a land leveler instead of purchasing an expensive motor grader for the same task. The ability to use a single power unit for all the tasks involved in bulk earthmoving help you save money on costly machines that can only perform one function.

What is the difference between a dolly wheel and a direct mount?

When we compare a Dolly Wheel Scraper and a Direct Mount Scraper, it all comes down to hook-up. The Dolly Wheel has the advantage and ability to pull the machine with any standard agriculture hitch. The ability to pull the scraper without a specific scraper drawbar / hitch, however, does come with a sacrifice in performance. Ashland scrapers have a 25% / 75% hitch to scraper weight transfer which gives a direct mount scraper significantly more traction making the scraper easier to fill. Direct Mount scrapers also have better flotation in soft ground conditions than Dolly Wheel Scrapers.

What's the difference between a dump and ejector scraper?

A dump scraper is typically more efficient in loose sandy soil, while ejector scrapers excel in harder materials such as wet clay. Ejector scrapers are more versatile and can be unloaded more consistently, where as dump scrapers don’t spread material as precisely.

How long is the warranty on Ashland Scrapers?

Ashland scrapers are backed by a 1 year structural warranty.