If you have a large MFWD or smaller articulated 4WD tractor, the 155TS2 scraper fits the bill. You will also benefit from the additional capacity over other agricultural earthmovers with the structural strength of a construction-grade scraper. The narrow width of 155TS2 is ideal when working in tighter areas with MFWD tractors. Despite being very maneuverable, this scraper’s large rear tires, 15.5 cubic yard capacity, and large gate opening are perfect for quickly loading heavy clay, transporting up steep slopes, and unloading where you want especially when working on projects like pond and terrace building.

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155TS2 Overview

155ts2 Accum

Ride Control

The 155TS2 has a large 2.11 gal hydraulic accumulator plumbed within the lift cylinders that provides a simple cushion ride control when transporting fully loaded scrapers over rough conditions. This gives you a better ride while protecting your investment in your tractor and scraper.

155ts2 Push

Additional Features

A rear pushbar extension helps you through the most challenging conditions. Tiltable ejector rack increases the opening when top loading. Viewing windows on the front gate and the ejector rack for better visibility. The front hydraulic hose support stand to support the hoses. 2-year hydraulic cylinder warranty.

155ts2 Tandem

Tandem Capacity

If your jobs are more extensive and you need to do more with your 155TS2, purchase a lead unit for tandem scraper operation. Depending on the job and your power unit, your production will nearly double with the same equipment.

155ts2 Tires

Big Tires

The unrivaled floatation of the 155TS2 direct-mount scraper is possible because of oversized 29.5 x 25 OTR rear wheels, the lower weight of the machine at its 15.5 cu.yd. payload. Don’t let the size fool you. This scraper is overbuilt to provide the durability you expect from your scraper.

155TS2 Video

Gps Laser Adaptable Icon

GPS Laser Adaptable

Ashland Scrapers are GPS ready for the efficient excavation and placement of bulk material.

One Year Warranty Icon

One Year Warranty

Trusted to do more. Our rich history provides us the upmost confidence in protecting your earthmoving investment.

Direct Mount

Direct Mount

A 25% / 75% weight transfer ratio increases traction and makes for easy loading with less required horsepower

Top Load

Top Load

Tilt the back rack to create a larger target for easy top loading when the job requires.

Ce Certified

CE Certified

Built to the highest standard of quality and sustainability with CE Certification

155TS2 Specs


Heaped Capacity

15.5 yd3

Recommended HP

250 - 620 hp

Width of Cut


Apron Clearance


Ejector Cylinder (1)

5" x 60"

Apron Cylinder (2)

4" x 13"

Lift Cylinder (2)

5" x 20"

Laser/GPS Bracket


Tires Std. Rear

(2) 29.5 x 25

Overall Width


Overall Length


Overall Height


Weight Lead Config.

21,308 lb

Weight Rear Config.

20,808 lb

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