Ejector Scrapers

Move more earth faster with Ashland ejector scrapers. Designed with spacious front gate openings and large ejection cylinders, Ashland's construction ejector scrapers unload smoothly and improve cycle time performance for your bulk earthmoving and mass excavation projects.

2411e Cc


24.8 yd3 capacity
143.5" overall width
2811e Cc


27.8 yd3 capacity
143.5" overall width
3013e Cc


30.4 yd3 capacity
167.38" overall width
3413e Cc


34.2 yd3 capacity
167.38" overall width
1812 Cut Out 23


18.1 yd3 capacity
160.4" overall width

Dump Scrapers

Working in loose sandy soil or performing land leveling projects? Explore Ashland's dump scrapers. Make the most of gravity to quickly unload heaps of loose material.

2012cs Cc


20 yd3 capacity
166" overall width
2014cs Cc


20 yd3 capacity
190" overall width

Dump Vs. Ejector

When it comes to selecting the scraper that is right for you, it all comes down to application and soil type. If your jobsite requires moving loose sandy soil or land leveling, a wide format dump-style scraper is preferred over an ejector scraper designed for high capacity. Ejector scrapers offer more versatility while dump scrapers use gravity for faster unload times.