After nearly 70 years of business, Ashland scrapers are known in the industry for standing the test of time. Our machines are backed by a 1-year structural warranty. Our confidence in high tensile steel provides security for your earthmoving investment.

Be sure to complete the owner warranty registration form below of fill out the form that you received with your machine and return it to Ashland Industries within 30 days of the sale, rental, or other use of your product. Warranty reimbursement is contingent upon product registration. If your product is not registered, it is NOT covered under warranty. If a warranty claim is needed, please complete and submit the warranty claim form.

Warranty Registration

Completion of this official registration form is required to protect your machine under warranty.

IMPORTANT! I hereby acknowledge that I have received the owners and parts manuals for the machine listed. I understand that operation of the machine should not be attempted before the manuals provided have been fully read and understood. Operators who are unfamiliar with the machine should not attempt to operate.