The Ashland 2114E has a wide 14ft (4.26m) cutting width to enhance productivity when leveling fields and finish grading. It features optional advanced slope control and walking tandem axles, ensuring maneuverability and stability for a smooth operation, making this specialized machine a perfect multifunction solution to complete your earthmoving projects.

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2114E Overview

Positional Wheels

The rear frame allows the four independent wheel assemblies to be installed in various positions. The most common is offset, which reduces mud build-up and prevents material from pushing ahead of the tire in soft conditions.

Optional Tandem Setup

The 2114E can also be ordered as a lead unit which allows you to pull two pans in tandem and increase your combined heaped capacity to 42 cubic yards.

Automatic Cushion Ride

An accumulator is installed in the hydraulic system in order to turn the vertical lift cylinders into shock absorbers. This proven design is used to reduce wear and protect both your scraper and tractor investment.

Optional Tilt & Walking Tandem

The 2114E can also be ordered with optional advanced slope control and walking tandem axles, ensuring maneuverability and stability for a smooth operation.

Minimal Maintenance

The front hitch is the only daily maintenance point on the 2114E. This scraper uses high-quality greaseless fiber bushings on pivot pins, hydraulic cylinders, and ejector wall rollers. The rear ejector frame uses high-density plastic slide blocks to guide the ejector wall forward smoothly.

Containerized Shipping

The bolt together design of the 2114E easily allows the entire machine to be dissembled and loaded into a 40ft shipping container for cost effective international shipping.

2114E Video

Gps Laser Adaptable Icon

GPS Laser Adaptable

Ashland Scrapers are GPS ready for the efficient excavation and placement of bulk material to meet job site specifications.

Superior Cylinder Icon

Superior Cylinder

Unrivaled hydraulic cylinder design ensures maximum uptime and provides a 2-year hydraulic cylinder warranty.

High Tensil Steel Icon

High Tensile Steel

Using high strength abrasion-resistant steel allows Ashland to build stronger and lighter scrapers than competitors.

One Year Warranty Icon

One Year Warranty

Trusted to do more. Our confidence in high tensile steel provides security for your earthmoving investment.

Maintenance Icon

Minimal Maintenance

Oversized pins and greaseless bushings are used throughout the machine to reduce the time spent lubricating hard to reach grease zerks.

2114E Specs


Heaped Capacity

21.2 yd3

Struck Capacity

12.6 yd3

Recommended Power Unit

300 hp

Width of Cut


Gate Opening


Depth of Spread


Ground Clearance at Blade


Ejector Cylinder (1)

5" x 67"

Gate Cylinder (2)

4.5" x 29.3"

Lift Cylinder (2)

5.5" x 34.4"

Tires Standard Rear (4)

20.5 R25 Bias

Weight Transfer

25.6% Tractor - 74.4% Scraper

Lighting System


Laser/GPS Mount


Push Bumper


% Wt. on Hitch


Loaded Weight

72,376 lb

Max Load Rating

50,880 lb

Overall Width


Overall Length


Overall Height



19,226 lb

Tandem Configuration


Laser/GPS Mount Extension


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