Maximize your production needs, with the Ashland 3413E scraper’s massive 34 yd³ heaped capacity. The 3413E ejector scraper features a spacious 74″ (188 cm) front opening and 25″ (63.5 cm) of ground clearance. Your material can easily exit the scraper unobstructed, reducing the need to double eject thicker material to allow your operator to place material exactly where it is needed, which increases daily production. The 3413E’s innovative bolt-together design allows these scrapers to be loaded into a 40’ high cube container.

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3413E Overview

Tires and Wheels

There are several wheel options and configurations on the 3413E. The scraper comes standard with four 23.5 x 25 radial tires. However, we highly recommend upgrading to the four massive 26.x 25 radial tires. Each wheel is independent and can be installed in various positions for better floatation and compaction.

Ride Control

Transporting the large payload of the 3413E smoothly across rough conditions is made possible with the time-tested K-Tec ride control system. All the pressure spikes above 1650 psi on the lift cylinder while transporting fully loaded scrapers are released into the large nitrogen/hydraulic accumulator. This keeps your haul road in better condition while dramatically reducing the stress placed on your tractor and scraper.


High-quality greaseless fiber bushings are used throughout the scraper to provide the least downtime to perform daily servicing. The 3413E has only six grease zerks on the front hitch that require daily maintenance.

Additional Features

A rear push bar extension helps you through the most challenging conditions. Tillable ejector rack increases the opening when top loading. Viewing windows on the front gate and the ejector rack for better visibility. The front hydraulic hoses are supported with a rugged spring-loaded carrier to prevent the hoses from accidental pop-out of the tractor coupler because of snagged hoses while turning.

3413E Video

Gps Laser Adaptable Icon

GPS Laser Adaptable

Ashland Scrapers are GPS ready for the efficient excavation and placement of bulk material to meet job site specifications.

Superior Cylinder Icon

Superior Cylinder

Unrivaled hydraulic cylinder design ensures maximum uptime and provides a 2-year hydraulic cylinder warranty.

High Tensil Steel Icon

High Tensile Steel

Using high strength abrasion-resistant steel allows Ashland to build stronger and lighter scrapers than competitors.

One Year Warranty Icon

One Year Warranty

Trusted to do more. Our confidence in high tensile steel provides security for your earthmoving investment.

Maintenance Icon

Minimal Maintenance

Oversized pins and greaseless bushings are used throughout the machine to reduce the time spent lubricating hard to reach grease zerks.

3413E Specs


Heaped Capacity

34.2 yd3

Struck Capacity

20.9 yd3

Max. Load Rating

82,500 lb

Bucket Dimensions

74.63" x 152.5" x 51.48"

Cutting Width


Cutting Edges

3 floor, 2 router

Gate Opening


Depth of Cut std. tire


Depth of Cut opt. tire


Turning Radius


Gate Cylinders (2)

5" x 22"

Lift Cylinders (2)

6" x 24.44"

Ejector Cylinder (1)

5.5" x 66.50"

Cutting Edge Grd. Clearance std. tire


Cutting Edge Grd. Clearance opt. tire


Hitch Pin to Rear Axle Length


Rack Height


Rack Tilt-able

58, 85, 112 degree

Weight Distribution

22.9% - 77.1%

Standard Tire Offset Installation

0" , 5.5" , 8.25" , 11"

Optional Tire Offset Installation

0" , 5.5" , 8.25"

4 Tires Standard

23.5 R25 Radial

4 Tires Optional

26.5 R25 Radial

Rec. Horsepower

550 - 620 hp

Length w/ Push Block






Empty Weight

35,140 lb

Container Shipping

40' High Cube

Bolt-on Push Block


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