The 2411E has design features that allow you to load and unload the scraper with ease. The front section is attached low to the bowl just over the cutting edge. This lower pull point gives you a smoother cut at a faster speed. The vertical position of the lift cylinders enables faster blade response, allowing you to keep the tractor pulling the desired powerband to make large, quick loads. The long hitch transfers 77.5% of the load weight onto the rear tires while reducing the weight placed onto the tractor. The extended front section and large gate opening allows for material to unload quickly without double ejecting.

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2411E Overview

Easy Transport

The combination of high-strength steel and the modular design of the 2411E allows you to have a road transport width under 12′. This narrow frame reduces your mobilization cost when moving your 2411E scraper from job to job. The 11′ cutting width is perfect for cleaning up the path from your rubber track tractor.

Positionable Wheels

Each of the four rear wheels have independent hubs that can be positioned in-line or offset. Off-set positioning of wheels minimizes mud buildup between the tires, offering improved floatation when you are scraping in softer conditions.

Automatic Cushion Ride

The 2411E has implemented the K-Tec automatic cushion ride system within the lift cylinders to act as a shock absorber. This time-tested design is used effectively on other scraper models nearly twice the size of the 2411E, which helps protect your tractor and scraper investment.

GPS & Laser Integration

The 2411E scraper has a cross member with a mounting plate for a GPS / Laser mast for automatic machine control. Optional wider corner blades are available to provide a flat finish across the entire cutting width for your land leveling needs.

Minimal Maintenance

The front hitch is the only daily maintenance point on the 2411E. This scraper uses high-quality greaseless fiber bushings on pivot pins, hydraulic cylinders, and ejector wall rollers. The rear ejector frame uses high-density plastic slide blocks to guide the ejector wall forward smoothly.

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Gps Laser Adaptable Icon

GPS Laser Adaptable

Ashland Scrapers are GPS ready for the efficient excavation and placement of bulk material to meet job site specifications.

Superior Cylinder Icon

Superior Cylinder

Unrivaled hydraulic cylinder design ensures maximum uptime and provides a 2-year hydraulic cylinder warranty.

High Tensil Steel Icon

High Tensile Steel

Using high strength abrasion-resistant steel allows Ashland to build stronger and lighter scrapers than competitors.

One Year Warranty Icon

One Year Warranty

Trusted to do more. Our confidence in high tensile steel provides security for your earthmoving investment.

Maintenance Icon

Minimal Maintenance

Oversized pins and greaseless bushings are used throughout the machine to reduce the time spent lubricating hard to reach grease zerks.

2411E Specs


Heaped Capacity

24.8 yd3

Struck Capacity

15.7 yd3

Max. Load Rating

58,300 lb

Bucket Dimensions

62.63" x 128.5" x 51.48"

Cutting Width


Cutting Edges

3 floor, 2 router

Gate Opening


Depth of Cut


Turning Radius


Gate Cylinders (2)

5" x 22"

Lift Cylinders (2)

5.5" x 24.44"

Ejector Cylinder (1)

5.5" x 54.50"

Cutting Edge Grd. Clearance


Hitch Pin to Rear Axle Length


Rack Height


Rack Tilt-able

58, 85, 112 degree

Weight Distribution

22.5% - 77.5%

Optional Tire Offset Installation

0" , 5.5" , 8.25" , 11"

4 Tires Standard

23.5 R25 Radial

4 Tires Optional


Rec. Horsepower

450 - 620 hp

Length w/ Push Block






Container Shipping

40' High Cube

Empty Weight

31,490 lb

Bolt-on Push Block


Tandem Operation


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