Your compact track loader can load and transport bulk material with Ashland’s 3250SS Scraper. The scraper’s 81.5″ width of cut perfectly fits larger compact track loaders on the market. No matter what your site demands, the 3250SS can cut, carry, and dump up to 3 1/4 cubic yards. With the 3250SS, You can quickly finish large landscape projects, or assist in cleaning up around construction sites. The integrated leveling blade handles final grading in a single pass.

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3250SS Overview

Cutting Building Pads

With the combination of the large front caster wheels out front of the machine and the operator leaving the loader arms fully lowered against the frame of the CTL, you’re able to make long flat cuts simply by making minor hydraulic adjustments with the auxiliary remotes.

Quick Cycle Times

Increase your production cycle time because of a CTL’s quick maneuverability with a 3250SS in tight areas with low ground disturbance.  This is ideal when backfilling around curb and gutter, trail building, or building pads in small spaces.

Reduced Mobilization

Customers have dramatically reduced mobilization cost when using CTL and 3250SS.   A 2-ton truck with a gooseneck trailer, you can move with ease without costly permits and truck delays while bring other attachments needed on a single trip.

Leveling Blade

The machine’s rear has a heavy-duty leveling blade that can evenly spread the material while being unloaded. Use the CTL rollout cylinders to control the depth of spread at the leveling blade.

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3250SS Specs


Heaped Capacity

3.25 yd3

Recommended HP

80 hp

Width of Cut


Dump Angle

64 Degrees


Pair 1/2" Couplers

Lift Cylinder

(2) 3.5" x 16" Stroke

Blade Set

(3) Corners, Center

Front Tires

(2) 11 x 15

Overall Width


Overall Length


Overall Height



3,960 lb

Leveling Blade


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