The Ashland 1200TS2i is a CE-certified pull-type hydraulic ejector scraper purpose built to meet the requirements of international earthmovers who work with narrow road transport restrictions and governmental requirements. Built on the time-tested foundation of other Ashland models this scraper was redesigned with minor component changes in order to stay within a 2.998 m transport width.

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1200TS2i Overview

Move More for Less

The technological advancements of modern tractors, CVT / Powershift transmissions, hydraulics, horsepower, and tires have enabled these tractors to perform earthmoving operations more efficiently than traditional practices. Individuals in the agricultural and construction sectors worldwide are discovering how they can move more for less.

155ts2 Accum

Superior Cylinders

Ashland’s front lift cylinders allow for faster response time and align with the operator’s vision. A quicker response allows you to keep ground speed up if the scraper blade digs in, which is essential to keep material moving into the scraper to maximize the load.

155ts2 Push

Maximum Flotation

The 29.5 x 25 – 28 ply rear tires’ extra width provide superior flotation in soft conditions. At the same time, the tall height (rolling radius), makes climbing up steep slopes with a fully loaded scraper easier than with competitive models. Improve your cycle times while reducing fuel consumption.

Easy Unload

The large 157 cm front gate opening allows material to be unloaded quickly and evenly ensuring complete removal of payload without carry back. This helps you to maximize your earthmoving cycles for improved efficiency.

Top Load with Ease

The ejector rack can be rotated back to increase the target area for top loading.

Gps Laser Adaptable Icon

GPS Laser Adaptable

Ashland Scrapers are GPS ready for the efficient excavation and placement of bulk material.

One Year Warranty Icon

One Year Warranty

Trusted to do more. Our rich history provides us the upmost confidence in protecting your earthmoving investment.

Direct Mount

Direct Mount

A 25% / 75% weight transfer ratio increases traction and makes for easy loading with less required horsepower

Top Load

Top Load

Tilt the back rack to create a larger target for easy top loading when the job requires.

Ce Certified

CE Certified

Built to the highest standard of quality and sustainability with CE Certification

1200TS2i Specs


Heaped Capacity

15.5 yd3

Recommended HP

250 - 420 hp

Width of Cut


Apron Clearance


Ejector Cylinder (1)

5" x 60"

Apron Cylinder (2)

4" x 13"

Lift Cylinder (2)

5" x 20"

Laser/GPS Bracket


Tires Std. Rear

(2) 29.5 x 25

Weight Transfer

27% Tractor / 73% Scraper

Overall Width


Overall Length


Overall Height


Empty Weight

20,940 lb

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