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For more than 60 years, Ashland Industries has built scrapers that have helped you achieve more, grow more, and do more.  For generations you have trusted us to deliver performance, toughness, versatility, and value.  It’s your expectation and business demands that drive our innovation and quality.  We’re proud to be the industry leader and we’re committed to transforming the work you do.

After 63 years
you learn a few things

Through and through we’ve been a company that designs scrapers.  Sure we’ve built everything from sophisticated hydro-electric dam trash rakes to snowmobiles, but Ashland Industries has always been at the forefront of the scraper industry.  We like to say we’re “Born in the dirt.”

Ashland scrapers helped build my farm.  We’ve dug out ponds for cattle, diverted water so we could plant more acres, and smoothed the driveway – which kept the wife happy.

Harley H

Bottom line, the 215TS2 just loads easier than other scrapers we’ve had.  We can get by with tractors of lesser horsepower which lowers our capital expense and operating cost.  It’s a no brainer.

Joe F

Few pieces of equipment get abused like a pull-type scraper and our guys are brutal. When they ultimately need repair, Ashland is right there keeping our units running day and night.

Tom C

My father owned Ashland scrapers while I was growing up.  He always told me that the Ashland scraper is the Cadillac of scrapers and they will never let you down.  Since then I purchased other cheaper brands of scrapers and I got what I paid for — cheap.  I bought a 130XL2 and finally realized dad knows best.   

Dale R

I had a question about adjusting a valve and called the factory after hours to leave a message and Al in service answered his cell phone and walked me thru the adjustment just like he was beside me.  Kudos to Al.

Jim U

We have tried many different brands of scrapers in the past — Reynolds, Misken, Icon, and Noble for our dirt jobs.  Most of these companies have either gone out of business or have been bought & sold, so we’re unable to buy parts.  Ashland has stood the test of time and has never let us down.

Walter K

We do a lot of small jobs here in Texas, from building pads to general grading on site 5 acres or less.  The Ashland skid steer scraper is the most amazing attachment ever made, in my opinion.  Every small contractor who owns an MTL (Multi-Terrain Loader) needs a Ground Hog 2500SS.

Dustin L

I don’t have full-time tractor scraper work but occasionally I need to pickup wet material with a scraper behind my dozer to lay it out to dry.  Despite my dozer being slow, it’s a lot more productive to pick it up & lay it out than to push it.  

Nels R

We purchased an 180TS2  and an older green Steiger Panther to do a dirt job we landed.  Shortly after, we got another dirt job because we moved that material so efficiently.  So, we rented a Case IH Steiger from our dealer and another 180 scraper.  After the first job, we hooked up the 180TS2’s in tandem on the second site and never looked back.  We’ve sold several conventional self-propelled scrapers and now purchased three more Case IH Steiger’s for our Ashland scrapers. 

Brandon O

I purchased a little 25CS, 2.5 cu.yd scraper for my 40 HP Kubota tractor to build some trails on my 40 acres.  I thought it would take me a long time to catch on but this machine is so simple my 11 yr. old daughter is now building a pond near her tree stand!  

Darrel T

I just hooked on a tractor and it worked like it should. Great scraper, thanks.

David B
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