The Ashland 2014CS is a direct mount, dump-style scraper that is used as the ultimate tool for land leveling and loose dirt earthmoving projects. The 2014CS was conceived from customer input and built with your specific needs in mind. With the 14′ cutting width and 20 cubic yard heaped capacity, the 2014CS scraper packs 2 more yards of material than its closest competitor. Add value and increased performance for your agricultural or construction applications.

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2014CS Overview

2014cs Tandem

Lead Units Standard

Most of the customers who own the 2012CS, 2014CS are running these scrapers in tandem operation.   That is why Ashland only offers these scrapers as lead units with pass-thru hydraulic to the rear. Each scraper requires 2-hydraulic remotes to operate the scraper.

2014cs Wiper Wall

Wiper Wall

A common problem with most pivot dump scrapers is material buildup between the bowl side wall and the wiper wall will bend the wiper wall inward.   The bowl and wiper walls on the Ashland scrapers are made from SSAB high tensile strength steel providing the structural integrity to prevent the wiper wall from bending. Ashland uses the same thickness as our leading competitor, but we have twice the yield strength of the material.

2014cs Front

Front Section

The 16″ front section pipe is raised for better visibility for the operator while allowing more room for debris to pass under and be loaded into the bowl. Robust cast steel flanges enable these scrapers be disassembled and shipped into shipping containers for our international customers.

2014cs Rear

Rear Wheel System

The 2014CS has (6) 20.5 x 25 OTR rear tires. A common problem with rear carriage wheel systems is that they are prone to wrapping wire, rope or debris on the axle. Ashland has stacked two double lip grease seals on both sides of the hub for added protection against damage from debris.

Gps Laser Adaptable Icon

GPS Laser Adaptable

Ashland Scrapers are GPS ready for the efficient excavation and placement of bulk material.

One Year Warranty Icon

One Year Warranty

Trusted to do more. Our rich history provides us the upmost confidence in protecting your earthmoving investment.

Direct Mount

Direct Mount

A 25% / 75% weight transfer ratio increases traction and makes for easy loading with less required horsepower

Top Load

Top Load

Tilt the back rack to create a larger target for easy top loading when the job requires.

Ce Certified

CE Certified

Built to the highest standard of quality and sustainability with CE Certification

2014CS Specs


Heaped Capacity

20 yd3

Struck Capacity

14 yd3

Required HP

400 - 620 hp

Width Of Cut


Apron Clearance


Dump Cylinders (2)

3.5" x 32"

Apron Cylinder (1)

6" x 16"

Lift Cylinders (2)

6.5" x 16"

Laser/GPS Bracket


Mud Scraper


Tires Std.

(6) 20.5 x 25

Opt. Tires

(6) 23.5 x 25

Overall Width


Overall Length


Overall Height


Weight Transfer

25% Tractor 75% Scraper

Weight (Std. Tire)

24,808 lb

Weight (Opt. Tire)

25,888 lb

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